CINCINNATI (AP) — On a whistle stop during his victory tour here Sunday, Donald Trump said that when he takes office, he will do away with vegetarianism.

“It’s un-American,” he said to the cheering crowd. “America is a meat-eating nation. The Founding Fathers all ate meat. If you want to be a good American, you have to eat meat, particularly red meat.”

The crowd was so exuberant that security officials on-site at the Ohio State University hockey arena were visibly nervous. Some said you could smell the hormones in the room.

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“I am sick of vegetarians!” he said. “And vegans? Vegans? Bad, bad people. They’re so politically correct. So politically correct and arrogant. We have to put an end to this.”

He paused and adjusted the microphone several times, before adding, “Have you ever met a happy vegan? I don’t think so. I don’t think so.”

He suggested that hunting might also become mandatory, and promised to expand hunting season from a “measly three weeks in the autumn” to all year-round. Hunting will also be allowed in inner-city parks, he promised.

“Get a gun, get a gun,” he said. “You’ll need it, and no, this is not about abortion doctors,” he added with a smirk.

Later the Trump campaign was asked whether this constituted nutritional advice. Kellyanne Conway, his campaign manager, said that it did not, and that the president’s opinion is more important than that of any “know-nothing doctor or expert.”

Markos Moulitsas, editor of the liberal, leftist Daily Kos, said, “This is just more red meat for the base.”

“Meat is good for you,” Trump’s doctor said in a late-night Skype interview. “You are what you eat, so eat meat.”

PETA, or People for the Equitable Treatment of Animals, said that this was “a reprehensible comment for him to make, to insult vegetarians and vegans as unpatriotic.” They promised to take the matter to the Supreme Court, which is currently tied four votes vegetarian, four votes red meat eaters. Three of the vegetarians are the ova-lacta type and one is a strict vegan who also eats fish.

The White House Ethics Office, which has been stalking Trump somewhat, tweeted, “Trump must divest of Trump Steaks.”

His campaign vowed that he would not.

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