Dear Friend and Listener:

April Fool’s Day is one of the high holy days of my year. If you’re a somewhat regular Planet Waves reader, you may be familiar with our annual pranks (we’ll soon be publishing a full archive, which we’ll email out and post to our websites).

This year I tried something new: a sketch comedy radio program, which we broadcast live Sunday night on Radio Kingston, the new home of our program. You can listen to the full program here.

I don’t get into heavy issues. Really, this is entertainment, satire and parody. We start with the Russians taking over the program, and I give the recipe for chicken Kiev. There’s a traffic helicopter report in a rural community at 11 pm. I did two parody advertisements for local businesses, including the Typewriter Cafe.

There’s an interview with an Etruscan-American activist, along with an actual original song about the Etruscan plight. We have another interview, this time Hank Hansen, a lawnmower expert, who shares his many experiences with us.

This was my first effort at a full-length radio drama, with many elements. I worked on it for a month! You can listen to the full program here, or explore the separate ads, music and other features.

We continue to be sponsored by your contributions to our nonprofit company that produces the program, Chiron Return, Inc. Please become a monthly member — it makes all the difference. Even a dollar a month is helpful.

With love,


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